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manimal3497 Sep 11 '15, 10:45PM
Never been the first one to post in a forum.  So guess since this is a vaper's inspired site Whats your adv and favorite mod?   What are you looking forwarding to getting?
vaperscupid Sep 12 '15, 02:35AM
Just got this one yesterday. Yam,...lemon pound cake :)
manimal3497 Sep 12 '15, 11:08PM
nice.  I am currently vaping outlawvapers Bloody Knuckles.  Its my first yogurt vape and I always have my Dark City Vapor Burn out loaded somewhere.  My favorite mods are my IPV4 and rDNA40.  Hoping to get an xcube II soon.  If I am going mech my favorite is my skeleton key clone.  
chuckthetits Sep 14 '15, 01:53PM
Love my Sigelei 150W. Its a freaking tank and takes a beating. Fav RDA is the velocity. You can build stupid on that thing thanks to the massive post holes and post design. Also vaping that White Rabbit from The Vaping Rabbit.
manimal3497 Sep 14 '15, 02:48PM
I recently got my hands on a velocity.  Just starting really playing with it.  I originally got it to use as a squonker but decided I wasnt to into the cheap squonker I had.  I just coiled it up regular this weekend and started using it for my testing atty.   Those sigelei's do take a beating lol.  I have the 100W and I am known for constantly knocking my mods over.   I remember the kayfun glass tanks I would go through at least a tank a week.  
greggt Sep 22 '15, 04:25AM
Yea I knock my works over several times a day. I can't believe I have already broken something. The tank I ues the most is the Kanger Pro Tank with pyrex glass. 
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vaperscupid Sep 29 '15, 06:37PM
I just ordered an iJust 2 for only $29.95 from those guys.


manimal3497 Sep 29 '15, 07:46PM
cl8 Oct 2 '15, 01:15AM
I have an xcube II and i don't really care for it that much, i let my brother use it and i went back to my old evic vt
Bombshellbel Nov 17 '15, 07:37PM
I have a Sigelei 150 and just won a HOhm Wrecker and 5 120ML bottles of juice from Demonic Vapes. It's bad ass!! My go to juice is Sugar Drizzle by Cuttwood but I also like Coconut Custard and Watermelon Cotton Candy by Uncle Foggy's. I have a Mutation v4 but don't really care for the flavor so I use a Herakles. I'm in love with my herk!